Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt
Dreamegg Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt

Dreamegg Heating Waist Belt

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  • 【ULTRA HEATING FOR PAIN RELIEF】With build-in infrared heating technology, this non-traditional heating waist belt is able to reach deeper than the skin surface and penetrate soft muscle tissues. It can help to decrease muscle spasm, relax tense muscles, relieve pain and increase our blood circulation. If you are sitting still for long periods of time, this heating belt can make it easier to deal with. It also is a good choice for long journey in the car or on an airplane.
  • 【DOUBLE COMFORT WITH MASSAGE FEATURE】This heating waist wrap with vibration massage is ergonomically designed with fast heat application and gentle vibrations. Further relieve your lower back pain, cramps, manacles soreness, body stiffness also enhance our body immunity. Besides, this soft and adjustable heating belt is large enough to cover whole middle and lower back, suitable for both women and men.
  • 【PORTABLE & WORRY SAVING WITH BATTERY POWERED】Don’t want to wear your heating belt while plugged into the outlet? Instead of tethering to the cord, this heating wrap is powered by rechargeable battery( last up to 2h). The battery also will display the capacity to let you know if you need to charge it. That means you can enjoy your heating massage freely while on-the-go. What’s more, it can simply save your worry by avoiding directly connecting your body with 220v voltage through adapter powered.
  • 【MULTIPLE SETTINGS FITS ALL NEEDS】Whatever you want high or lower temperature or vibration, this heated lower back massage wrap fits all your demands. The separated control buttons enable you to set the temperature (high140°F, medium122°F, low113°F) and vibration freely. That is to say you can turn on the heating function only or completely enjoy both heating and massage at the same time.
  • 【RELIABLE BUY & SAFE USE】 Worry about safety when choosing an electric heating massage belt? This heating pad is ETL,CE, FC approved. You can fully enjoy this reliable unit and relax your body by minimizing muscle aches and pains. And your purchase is fully guaranteed here. If you have any issue with the unit, simply contact our support email. We will offer you a satisfactory solution within 24h. With Dreamegg hassle-free service, no complaining buy but a secured choice.


Heating Massager

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2-in-1 Waist Comfort Heating Pad

Heating plus massage together, this heating pad with fast heating and super soft comfortable material, provides efficient relief for muscle pain/soreness, backache, body stiffness. You won't believe it is good for correcting our sitting position too but it does.

6 Setting Modes Cater for all your Needs

This heating pad has 6 settings for heating and massage including 3 temperature settings 3 vibration settings so that you can find the comfortable modes in all different needs.

Convenient Use with Battery Pack

Still annoying with the pad that connects with power cord? This will help you out. With the rechargeable battery, Dreamegg electric heating massage pad can offer you a free heating massage any time any where. No bother with cable cord any more also no worry with electric safety issue. Easy use but extra comfort.


Heating Massage pad for muscle pain 

Suitable for Most Body Shapes

We do consider your different needs. This heating massage pad has velcro strap to adjust the length which makes it suitable for most people's body. One heated massage pad, for all family members.

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