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This little sound machine exceeded all my expectations! I purchased for next to my bed while when I brought my third newborn home in three years. I couldn’t stand my old machine I ordered on amazon. It sounded really tin like. I love my brookstone but that in my other baby’s room.

This is my new favorite by far!!! First the white noise is just perfect, super relaxing. The other noises are nice too but I only use white noise. My favorite part is the light. It’s a glow and just what I need for baby at night. Dim enough to not walk the baby or my husband up. The sound comes out the bottom and has the most soothing quality. I really love this purchase!

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Dreamegg was born out of a desire to make life as easy as possible while you're navigating the wonderful mayhem of your exhausting work and life.

Sleep is vital to your mood, energy, wellbeing, and health. We wanted to create a one-stop solution to provide information and resources, and the ability to buy quality products and services to help you get a full night's sleep.

Dreamegg is named with Dream and Egg. The dream is something dreamy but essential in our lives. It can be your sleep dream or your life dream. Whatever it is, I hope I can be there with you, supporting you with a healthy and happy life. Egg, as the name implies, I hope you could live with me like stay at a cozy and warm egg- A heartwarming home. Life is so beautiful. I have only one passion - Let you enjoy your wonderful life with a healthy and happy style.

Our' philosophy is to take a holistic approach to sleep - providing a range of products and services to help our customers get to sleep, wake up refreshed, and get more out of life.

Whether for sleep, privacy, concentration, relaxation, or tinnitus relief, Dreamegg has your sound-masking needs covered. Dreamegg white noise machines are the highly recommended sleep & privacy solution for restless babies, snoring partners, loud roommates, noisy offices, anxious pets, and more.

Of course. Dreamegg has a full line of in-home wellness products that are uniquely designed to promote your well being; including: Air Filters, humidifiers, sleep aids, fitness monitors, and more.

It’s common for me to take months of research and hundreds of trials to perfect a Dreamegg before bringing it to the market. Our dynamic professional team members always strive for nothing but perfection. The best products, combining with ultimate customer service and professional technical support, are what we believe you should deserve.

Dreamegg has one goal: to bring serious sleep to millions of people.