About Us



My name is Dreamegg! It is named with Dream and Egg. Dream is something dreamy but essential in our lives. It can be your sleep dream or your life dream. Whatever it is, I hope I can be there with you, supporting you a healthy and happy life. Egg, as the name implies, I hope you could live with me like stay at a cosy and warm egg- A heartwarming home. Life is so beautiful. I have only one passion - Let you enjoy your wonderful life with a healthy and happy style. 

People call me a leading manufacturer of Home and Kitchen, and Personal Care products. I dedicate myself into making every Dreamegg be the best and unique as possible to let you feel it deserves.


It’s common for me to take months of research and hundreds of trials to perfect a Dreamegg before bringing it to the market. My young and dynamic professional team members always strive for nothing but perfection. The best products, combining with  ultimate customer service and professional technical support, are what we believe you should deserve.


Dreamegg Mission 


Deliver the best Dreameggs to bring you and your family more healthier and happier life.